Last Thursday our local farmer’s market hosted a new stand for the vegetable boxes of Bakaló János, a farmer from Panet. After consultations and meetings in with the farmers and customers, we launched the weekly vegetable boxes system with whom we want to create a sustainable local food system.

The fresh salads, radishes and spinach caught the eyes of regular consumers and newcomers, as well as they raised both curiousness and enthusiasm. A dozen people even already booked their baskets in advance and some also took part in the preparatory meetings with three young farmers from the surroundings of Tg. Mures. 

The event actually launched a new start of the Webkamra initiative that Focus Eco Center already implemented a few years ago. The program has been resumed by a small and heteroclite group of farmers, consumers and volunteers (Hungarian, Romanian, English and French-speaking) in order to lay the groundwork of a community-supportive agriculture, promoting local and family-scale farming. Through this project, we also aim at learning more about our local farmers and farming practices by organizing community events and farm visits. 

If you are interested in getting a vegetable basket, or if you would like to know more and get involved, please join our Facebook group Heti Zöldsegkosár Marosvásárhelyen or send us an email at More baskets will be provided from May.

This program is part of the “EYD2015: The future we want – local authorities for sustainable development” project.

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