In 2019 Focus Eco Center implemented the campaign mainly in the city of Tg. Mures, but the posters were used also in other localities, as Galesti or Valea during events organised in these localities. This year Focus Eco Center promoted the “A good life is simple” campaign in 4 major events:

  1. Sustainable transport in the city of Tg. Mures at 19th of March

The event was organised in cooperation with the regional radio. In the town started a debate concerning the free public transport and started a public debate concerning this issue. The project coordinator, Zoltan Hajdu presented the situation of the city of Hasselt from Belgium which is a pioneer in the free public transport. The debate was presented on-line and was followed by a high number of people.


  1. Campaign event for the biking at 7th of April

In Tg. Mures unfortunately still doesn’t exist a biker’s network. To promote the idea of biking as an alternative way of transport it was organised a campaign event with the participation of several hundred bikers. In the centre of the city were exposed the roll ups and other informational materials, were organised competitions for kids, and the bikers were going through the main routes in the town. Were distributed postcards with the message “The people from Tg. Mures like to bike” which were sent by the participants to the municipality.


  1. Civil organization’s fair 9th of May

In 2019, on the civil organization’s fair were participating about 30 organizations. This year we promoted the campaign: “A good life is simple” with posters and roll ups and informational materials. The focus of the campaign was the sustainable transport and the sustainable water use. On the fair were several thousands of visitors and our stand was visited by several hundred of people. The people who visited our stand received information and informational materials about sustainable lifestyle

  1. City day’s Forgatag 30th September

On the city day’s we were present also with a stand and we used this opportunity to promote the “A good life is simple” campaign. The focus was on the upcycling and the sustainable food production and waste management. We invited and artist who organised a workshop to produce different objects from used paper. We advised the visitors of our stand concerning the composting and food issues.


  1. Poster campaign

The campaign posters translated into Romanian language was presented several times in the town of Tg. Mures with the occasion of different events (for example at the local farmer’s market) and as well in other cities, like Odorheiu Secuiesc, Miercurea Ciuc, Galesti.

In Tg. Mures the mega posters which promoted the consumption of the local food was exposed for three month in the centre of the town in a much frequented place.

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