The waste nowadays is a big problem for the society, for the citizens. Because of the overconsumption, we are producing more and more waste, but not everybody knows how to use that waste, how to manage it.

At the city days of Târgu Mureș called „Forgatag” we promoted our campaign „A good life is simple”, focusing on the rational use of food and on waste management. We explained how the people can make a sustainable food consumption in order to not produce waste, to protect the environment and to help the local producers. Showing our small-scale direct distributions system and the method of how to compost was a success, the people who visited our stand were enthusiastic and interested in this topic, and hopefully everybody understood this idea, this way of the life, and many people said that they will try in this way.

Beside this, we had a workshop for kids about upcycling, explaining to them, how the paper waste can be used in a way to make a new “product”. They used paper to make interesting thing like pendants, pencil cases and different decorations and useful things.

The event was a success, around 100 people visited our stand and we hope that everybody understood the importance of sustainable food and waste management.

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