Between 22nd and 28th of August, it was organized in the framework of Back to Nature Erasmus+ project the activity C2, summer camp, where the pupils and the teachers of the partner schools had a great time and piloted some lectures from the educational material elaborated during the project.

In 22nd of August evening the two teams from Slovenia and Hungary arrived successful in Sânvăsii, where the local teachers and pupils were waiting for them.

In 23rd of August it has started the activities. First they started with the introductions, some games where the kids and teachers made some good connections and relations. Afternoon three mixed groups were created, andthey had a visit to the local churches, to the Calvinist, Catholic and Unitarian, where every group had an activity, which result’s were presented later.

In 24rd of August, the second day, started with an educational trip to Adrianu Mic. Here the kids went through the agro-biodiversity natural trail, and in every single stations they had some activities regarded to the location like, meadow, forest, orchard and wetland. Between the activities the organizers prepared some hot-dogs on a camp fire for them to keep the energy level high for the next activities. At lunchtime this activity ended, so after the lunch the team continued the planned program at the guesthouse, where they tried out some educational methods from the handbook.

In 25th of August, the third day, was a full educational trip for everybody in the Corund-Praid area. In Corund they visited and tried out the pottery workshop, the tinder workshop, the aragonite museum, and they had a treasure hunt at Csigadomb, and they planted a tree. After this they visited the salt canyon, where beside the visit they had also some educational activities.

In 26th of August, after a long and enjoying Saturday, Sunday they had again an educational trip to the straw-hat museum in Crișeni, where the kids were introduced and taught how to strain from straw. They visited here the wonder well, they learned how the bread is prepared in a traditional way. During the day they had educational activities too.

In 27th of August the last day of the camp was a visit to Târgu Mureș, to the biggest ZOO in Romania and a short visit to the city centre. After they went back to the camping, and after lunch started the evaluation of the camp, of the activities. Finally the local kids had a folk dance presentation, and they teach each other about their local dances.

In 28th of August the team from Slovenia and Hungary went home early, the local pupils and teacher slowly walked away with a lot of good memories and successful activities and meetings.

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