On 16th of May, we opened in Gyergyószentmiklós a photo exhibition from our photo contest “What do you think about development?”, and we projected the documentary “Whom guided by the stars”.

The event organized by Focus Eco Center, the city of Gyergyószentmiklós and the Association of Arbor Entrepreneurs took place in the exhibition hall of the City Library. Judith Molnár, the city manager, greeted the guests and pointed out that, while Gyergyószentmiklós cannot really perceive the environment issues, the city was still able to promote this kind of events to raise awareness. She concluded that it was necessary to move on and take action at local level.

Mayor Zoltán Nagy explained afterwards that he considered these topics to take a bigger place in everyday life, and that they should be taken into account in urban development planning.

Dr. Zoltán Hajdu, Executive Director of Focus Eco Center, reminded how the idea of the photo contest came up. He underlined in this speech how relevant photo and movie exhibitions are to increase people’s consciousness. These alternative means of getting people involved are a really good way to draw attention to the current problems in the today’s world which goes so fast, he added.

After the opening of the photo exhibition, we projected the documentary “Whom guided by the stars”, which shows different cases where people changed their lives and made their dreams come true, against the expectations of the consumer society.

During the talks which followed the screening, participants mentioned that in Gyergyószentmiklós as well as in Târgu Mureş, the management and maintenance of green areas are still a problem. The situation of the young and the future generation has also been discussed to figure out how to solve these problems.

Photos from the event:


Press reaction: 

Fény TV: https://www.facebook.com/fenytelevizio/videos/1326461314074812/

Gyergyó TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWkGL8i7xOw&feature=youtu.be 

The event was organized in the framework of “EYD2015: The future we want – Local Authorities for Sustainable Development” project.

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