This photo contest is organized by European Climate Alliance and Focus Eco Center in Targu Mures.

Which city, which kind of place do I want my children to grow up and live in? Why did I choose to settle down in my neighborhood and for what reasons do I want to stay here in the future?

The environment we live in is constantly changing: our places concentrate more and more people and vehicles, which means facing new specific issues such as traffic congestion and the scarcity of available space.

Yet, at the same time, citizens increasingly show their wish to reclaim and reconquer urban spaces, for more livable and sustainable cities with green parks and real shared places in harmony with nature and without machines, city noises and congestion.

It raises some issues in regard to the future of the places we live in: how can we share the places between those different aspirations? What place to give to nature in our future cities? Which mobility do we want to promote? What should we expect from our cities in regard to urban social life and the places where people can really meet and get to know each other? Those are underlying questions we have to answer to build our future cities.

We propose you to observe the urban places and life situations you feel concerned about. Take photographs of them and send them to us! 



  • Quality expectations are at least 5 MP, jpg or tiff format.
  • One person can enter with a maximum of 5 digital photographs.


  • You can participate in two different category: 1. youth (under 18y), 2. adult
  • Send us your photos to address, with application forms attached till June 16, 2017
  • Any further questions must be sent to the email address above

Evaluation and remuneration

  • The jury members are selected from the organizers
  • The allocation of resources is min. 800 EUR

Other criterion

Entering this competition is free. From the photos we get we will organize an exhibition. If you send us your work you accept the terms and conditions and you contribute to the fact that the organizers can use your photos as they want without paying you.  You also agree that with the making of these photos and exhibiting them any responsibility of the copyright belongs to the author.

We are waiting the applications!

You can download the application form here 

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