We organized an international conferance between 6th and 9th of october at Sub Cetate.

The conference was organized with the help of Reflex Association from Győr, National Society of Conservationists and the Hungarian Climate Alliance. The participants were government representatives from Hungary and Romania, NGO and rural development organization representatives.

The theme of the conference was the rural opportunities and challenges in the time of the climate change. There were presentations about the Cork Declaration, about rural aspirations against climate change, and the government’s realizations.

Here are the presentations from the event:

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7gKMhnwOEpiS0M4UXhQU2NPZEU

Press reaction:

Link1: http://www.e-nepujsag.ro/op/article/%C3%BAjfajta-szeml%C3%A9let-meghonos%C3%ADt%C3%A1sa-sz%C3%BCks%C3%A9ges

Link2: http://www.e-nepujsag.ro/op/article/%C3%A9nlaki-p%C3%A1rhuzamok


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