Nagy Dániel, 24 years old, joined the Webkamra market a few months ago. He grows and sells paprika powder, a traditional Hungarian spice.



How did you start to grow paprika?

The cultivation of paprika is not new in my family: my grand-mother, my mother and my sister-in-law also grows and makes paprika powder. People from my village [Panet] also produce paprika powder. Basically I learned everything from my grand-mother. And after I finish my studies at the Sapientia University, where I specialized in agroalimentary economics, I decided to grow my own business.


How did you join Webkamra?

Some friends told me about and I got really interested in it, because I was looking at developing my business. I created my brand ‘Mezöségi Termékek’ a few years ago and since then I am selling my products at two markets, the Webkamra market and the Petry market. This is what I prefer in this job: advertising, finding new opportunities to sell. Also, I am aware of the benefits of local and direct sales. I have a Facebook page to advertise my paprika powder. There I published two videos to explain why it is better to buy local. I had almost 70,000 views!


How do you see yourself in 10 years?

With lot of kids! [laugh] More seriously, I want to develop my production, and maybe sell my paprika powder in supermarket. I am also thinking about having an organic farm, here, in the area.


Az interjút Emilie Grard készítette

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