Location and atmosphere

This pension is special because of its location. It is surrounded by forest. The clearing and a part of the forest belong to the pension where the owners formed a mini zoo and horse riding facility. In the mini zoo you can find all the representative species of the local fauna, and some specific animals. The owners have about 20 horses and they teach you the techniques of horse riding. In the winter the place turns into an excellent ski resort. You need to have your own pair of sky but they can help you if you want to ride the sleigh.


The house has two floors, there is a large hall and twelve rooms. Some of the rooms have their own bathroom, the others share common bathrooms. There is a camping possibility right next to the pension, in the middle of the clearing (glade, opening) in the middle of the forest. The owners are very kind, they will help you with every demands that you might have. The food is tasty and local. They serve especially pork or chicken but you can have any special requests as well.

Surroundings and activities

Homorod is also known as the place which between 1987-1991 provided place for the really first summer universities on which Hungarian students could meet and talk to each other about different problems. These meetings helped them develop a new kind of thinking.

Host: Szőcs Elek

Vlahita (Harghita)


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