In 2018 the Climate Alliance realized a documentary about a mega construction in Brasil, where a big reservoir was build at the river Xingu to produce energy. This documentary shows how this enormous dam has an effect on the environment and on the life of people. 

This maybe looks to far for us, but the effects of these kind of environmental catastrophes can have an impact everywhere in the world, even if not in each palace happened a same disaster. And it is a good example that how big constructions can have a negative impact.

We think that is important to show this movie, what also presented in two high schools, and we are planning to show in the future for other target groups, and we hope that discussing about this problem we will find some answers for our local issues. 

In 2019 were organised 5 events on which the short version of the Belo Monte movie was presented, the information booklet was distributed and the presentation of the movie was followed by discussion about problems faced by the indigenous people in Amazonas, about our responsibility as members of the EU and about general issues concerning the climate change. On the presentations were totally about 600 participants.

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