Photo contest organized by Climate Alliance and Focus Eco Center from Târgu-Mureș.

Nowadays everyone wants development. Our personal and our community’s success, development, this is the main theme of the year’s reports and also a comparison base. But what we mean actually when we talk about development? Usually growth, like we built a bigger house, we inaugurate a new road, a new supermarket in town. This growth, development has a measurable price, we can find in reports mentioned and we can measure this in money. We build a new road, but meanwhile we also destroy natural habitats, a touristical investment can ruin someone’s favorite place in nature, and in the same time we destroy fishing spots. This is the price, they do not talk about, and which one we take as it’s just sorrow, an incurable wound, a future debt.

We ask you to show us this side of the development, hidden from the public. Those moments are the most important ones which captures the contradictions, the sensitive aspects. Feel free to write something about your photo, even a quote.




  • Quality expectations are at least 5 MP, jpg or tiff format.
  • One person can enter with a maximum of 5 digital photographs.


  • You can participate in two different category: 1. youth (under 18y), 2. adult
  • Send us your photos to address, with application forms attached till July 1st, 2016.
  • Any further questions must be sent to the email address above

Evaluation and remuneration

  • The jury members are selected from the organizers
  • The allocation of resources is min. 800 EUR

Other criterion

Entering this competition is free. From the photos we get we will organize an exhibition. If you send us your work you accept the terms and conditions and you contribute to the fact that the organizers can use your photos as they want without paying you.  You also agree that with the making of these photos and exhibiting them any responsibility of the copyright belongs to the author.

We are waiting the applications!

You can download the application form HERE.


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